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Gather round, for I shall tell a tale of our land.

We call our world Zaltir. It is desolate, and life is hard. It is so because our ancestors sinned, and we were punished for it. But that is a story for another night.

Right now, we are doing as much as we can. We have cast off the old ways of Psionics that outraged the gods, and have instead turned to that which they gave us- Magic.

We live in our cities, protected by the Justiciars from both threats without and within. The Archmagi keep our barriers up, and we bring our clean air from our underground homes.

But all is not well in our land. A war rages outside our lands. A group has broken off from the Imperium, championing “freedom from tyranny” and calling themselves the Magnus Republic. Their Reavers have committed atrocities, but the Republican Guard are known for their altruism

The Imperium has responded in Kind. The shining Justicars take arms next to the terrifying Tyrant Guard. They enforce their laws even more strictly now, and they’ve been known to destroy entire villages.

Who is right, you ask? I don’t know. Evil and Good are subjective, my friends. You’ll have to decide that on your own.

But do it quickly. The war is on its way.

Home Page

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